The Ultimate Reason Why We Should Start Living Our Lives and Explore

We all saw at least a couple of sci-fi movies where earth is the only place which has life in it (most of sci-fi sector depends on other life forms other than us but right now I’m not thinking of them). Of course if we say that universe is endless, there must be life somewhere but we don’t know about it yet.

In Intersteller it takes hundreds of years to find a new home for human being and in The Martian we saw how hard it was for Matt Damon to grow a couple of potatoes with Martian soil, and of course how the things can go wrong just in seconds. Apart from all this movie analogy we have to realize how special the planet Earth is. Among the millions of possibilities in the universe, Earth is probably one of the luckiest planets of all.


When we go from the universe to planet Earth and look at the Earth’s history, we see human existence appears only in the very very end of its timeline. In fact if we consider Earth’s existence as 1 hour, human existence starts only in the last 2 seconds of the whole Earth’s history. Given that, imagine how short and tiny our lives are in that macro frame of time.


In the macro world our lives can even look insignificant but when we look at our individual time frame it may seem a lot longer, especially the mankind history is very long in our time perspective. And among all these years human created great civilizations and great architectural, cultural inheritance for us to experience and to tell thousands of stories. Considering that our life is too short for macro timeframe, yet mankind created amazing inheritance in this short period of time (one-tenth of a second of Earth’s life if it were 24h), which in our perspective it took eras to achieve this.

Coming from the point where Earth is special to have life in it, it has all different kinds of rock formations, plantations and habitations which makes it worth exploring and understanding. It is unique and maybe we don’t understand how unique it is because simply we are living inside it but in the universe there is just a slight possibility to encounter this geography. It is a lifetime experience and a relief to the soul for us, because it means going back to the nature again, to where we belong.

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We have this amazing world we live in with our signature on it, and yet we don’t seem to have enough time to explore it. By enough time, I don’t mean macro timeline, I mean our timeline. Assuming that a human being lives around a 100 years, we seem to have enough time to explore our world. Yet maybe because we aim to achieve different things in life, or we have obligations and responsibilities, or simply we do not care, most of us don’t go on adventures.

What I believe is we need to stop for a moment and try to understand why we are living and what is the meaning of our life, to think big, considering our world and the universe as a whole. Maybe non of the things I mentioned do exists, maybe our life, reality is just a simulation, but for Descartes it doesn’t matter, because we think that’s why we are. And connecting to that as Stephen Hawking suggests we as humans do not only perceive reality but we also give a meaning to it. That’s why the meaning of life is in our brain.

Maybe we won’t be able to find it in our brain that easily but we can get close enough by trying to understand the world, our reality around us.



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