How the World is Changing?

I think these times how we live and how we want to live started to change a lot. The goals I have 10 years ago are not even close to the ones I have now. 10 years ago I was dreaming of a full time corporate job with a good income but now I want a small and peaceful life for example. But what is happening to me? Why has everything changed?

I can’t talk on your behalf of course but the more I talk to other people the more I get that they start to feel the same way. We are so caught up with our massive lives and jobs but we forgot to live. It starts to give a little bit of pain after some point and puts many questions inside our heads

“What am I doing?”

“Why am I here?”

“Where am I going?”

The thing is 10 years ago we didn’t have much option. We were going to graduate from college, get a steady, nice paying job and continue. However world is changing with such pace that we couldn’t figure out how it happened.

We are living in a much more global world that it was ever before. Yes everyone says so, but what does it do to us? When you are wired all around with internet, you don’t actually have to be somewhere to complete a task first of all. Those endless meetings are not necessary anymore! You can be anywhere to do your job. Unfortunately right now we are in the transition period but I don’t think 10 years later, you can make a 25 year old come to office every single day. Right now I am 25 and I have never felt trapped like this before. I actually don’t want to go to office every day and spend more than my half day there, when I can complete all the tasks in a more productive way somewhere else.

Globalisation didn’t only happen within the communication system. For me it also happened within people.

The urge to see the world, to explore the world grows and grows in me that I put a goal to myself like almost everyday. You can’t imagine how many times I check Lonely Planet for a new destination or how many times I search for hotels or houses on and airbnb. You can say its a disease, but for me it is the meaning of life. The more destinations I discover, the more I feel like I have a purpose in life. Everyday I ask myself, why are we living, what is the true cause in our existence? How old is our soul? Are we happy, are we in peace with ourselves? How well do we know about the nature?

Some of the answers to these questions lie within us, but for some of them I think we should observe the nature a little bit more, or the ancient civilizations to understand at least what they lived for. After that we can find the true happiness in life. Hopefully…


What do you think?

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