Have you ever been to a place where the time stops the moment you land and takes your breath away? If you are saying no, maybe you haven’t been to Cappadocia yet.

The moment I stepped out of the car in Göreme, one of the most beautiful parts of Cappadocia district, I fell in love. I have never believed in a fairyland existed in real world before but now I know that anything maybe possible in this life. When you stepped out of the car for the first time you encounter with houses carved inside of the stones which are hundreds of years old and they are called fairy chimneys. The environment is so magical it takes you inside of this little town with nicest people around.

When we first arrived we were super hungry so we hit one of the little restaurants before going to the hotel. We arrived to Kayseri by plane and rented a car at the airport, which was the most reasonable way of transportation. After an 1 hour drive, the excitement was at the top level and it made us extremely hungry too. So here we were at a little restaurant nested in one of fairy chimneys, we ordered local food, “testi kebabı” kind of a kebab inside a clay vase. After getting totally full and taking a couple hundreds of pictures we went to see our hotel, Doors of Cappadocia. The hotel was amazing. The rooms were made inside of the caves and every single room had its own little patio and balcony. We couldn’t wait to see what’s ahead of us in this journey.

Doors of Cappadocia
Doors of Cappadocia
Our Room
Our Room

5am Hot Air Balloon Tour Over the Amazing Landscape

In the morning we joined a hot air balloon tour that our hotel suggested and the van picked us up around 4.30am. I suggest you to take the advise of your hotel on the tours because, there are many hot air balloon tours to chose from. Anyways after registration and quick breakfast they gave us, we drove to the open landscape of Göreme. When we got there we saw hundreds of balloons in every colour around us and believe me you are taking a lot of pictures there and can’t wait to get on one of the balloons. Before the sunrise the ballon takes off with 15 to 20 people (yes these things are huge!) and in the quiet of the sun rise you just let yourself go… Surrounded by other balloons you pass by the amazing landscape of Cappadocia and every second of it is like a dream. After the ride they offer you glass of champagne and your certificate saying, “been there done that!”


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Waking Up at 5am Again to Climb Up One of the Rooftops to See the Ballons Rising One More Time

This may sound crazy but the morning after we got up at 5am again and climbed on top of the roof of the hotel to see the balloons rising again! We couldn’t get enough of this magical moment and peacefully we watched the sun rising as the balloons rose again. After a while we took a quick sun rise swim in the pool before hitting to the breakfast. We had the most peaceful morning that we ever had.

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Driving Through the Fairy Chimneys and to Göreme Open Air Museum

The reason why I told you to rent a car at the airport is that where ever you stay, you can easily drive to the amazing landscapes. We started from the Göreme Open Air Museum to all other places called Çavuşin, Uçhisar and Pigeon Valley. This is also called the Red Tour so if you want to take a tour, the agencies includes these places to Red Tour.

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Taking the Green Tour all the Way to Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley and underground ancient cities are another part of Cappadocia to see. They are a little bit far from each other so we took a day long Green Tour to visit all of them. The tour takes you to Ihlara Valley and you walk through the Valley from one exit to another. You have a chance to visit the ancient churches there and couldn’t believe your eyes about where the people lived. You walk through the river under the long trees and feel the nature inside you.

After the valley we visited the underground cities, the most famous and deepest one is Derinkuyu, which has 8 underground levels. If you are a little bit claustrophobic maybe you shouldn’t go down all the levels because it gets dark and narrow. But for a little adventure I suggest you to go all the way down so you can get a bit creeped out by it :) It’s incredible how people lived inside these caves for so long through the wars…

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Off Road Sunset Tours

If you want a little bit of more adventure for yourself you can join one of the sunset ATV Quad Bike groups and experience the off road side of Cappadocia. We did it! It was so much fun, even though we were literally covered with dust all over and had to drive back to the airport like that. By the time I got to the airport my hair was totally white from the dust! But you know, who cares?

So this was our journey! I believe we did pretty much everything there and we stayed 5 days, which was more than enough but very satisfying.

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