To Let Go

These days most of us started to talk about this mindfulness, which basically is about living in the moment, being fully at the place where you actually are and not anywhere else in your mind. It usually is the hardest things and my story is about how I managed to change one of my most annyoying and actually most exhausting habits by combining mindfullness and letting go.

As Wikipedia mainly explains,

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.

The definition may seem easy but most of the time our heads are somewhere completely else while our bodies are actually there. My head for example is all over the place almost all the time that mostly I don’t even remember my friends’ telling me important details of their lives or sometimes I just realise I had missed a whole chapter in a book I read, just because I was thinking of something completely different than the context of that book.

And… I annoy people… I guess this happened to me millions of times, me and my 10-years-relationship-boyfriend go to a restaurant. The host/hostess tells us that there is no available table at the moment but if we can wait at the bar, he/she will take us when one is available. We start to chat and talk about future plans or stuff while waiting at the bar but there is this one thing keeps me distracted all the time… What if the host/hostess takes another couple who comes after us? My boyfriend always realises how distracted I am and of course, because of the 10 years he can read me like a book. He knows I’m actually not there, because I am too concerned about that table issue. What I fear the most, always happens to me so the host/hostess takes another couple before us, instead of us, and I get angry, whole night gets ruined.

My boyfriend on the other hand is always as chill as a koala bear and he is a “let it go… relax…” kind of guy and makes me astonished with his tranquility. One day however, the things have changed.

My boyfriend and I, decided to go to Cunda Island, one of the most naturally preserved islands in Turkey, which is also super close to one of the Greek islands. We were told that this island has a beautiful beach inside an ancient village. Nice, quiet and calm… So we decided to go there with millions of difficulties, considering there is no actual road leading us there. Anyway, it was empty when we got there, however the owner of the place told us that all the spots are reserved except one spot. When he showed us the spot I couldn’t hide my disapointment. It was behind the kitchen wall of the place, impossible to see the sea, no place to sunbath, because apparently the big shadow of the kitchen wall fell onto us… We sat down, because there was nothing else to do, then people started to come and asked for places. I remember even though those people didn’t have reservations, the owner was giving better places to them compared to ours. Surprisingly I didn’t want to ague with someone that day, because I was super exhausted by the work and just came there to breathe a little bit. So let go of the situation and maybe for the first time I was in the moment.

However this time, my boyfriend, the chilled out guy, started to get angry at the owner and wanted to talk to him abut our spot. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted but I didn’t want to be a part of an argument. So he let that go too.

While we were trying to get used to our places, a magical thing happened. The owner came to us and asked whether we wanted to have one of the two places on the pier (those places were amazing by the way, a private spot where you feel completely isolated). Of course we said yes and switched our places, to that dreamy exclusive spot and had the great day.

The thing is that day I realised when it comes to daily life, sometimes it really helps to let go and live the moment. I feel more relaxed now and believe that I have the ability to appreciate life as it comes to me. For what its worth, this experience made me a calmer and a more balanced person.

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